Anna Faris book launch and podcast campaign

Creative and art direction

Anna Faris is famous for her movies, but the last couple of years, people know her just as much for her fun take on relationship advice in her podcast "Anna Faris is Unqualified". In fact, the podcast is so popular that she wrote a book based on it. For the launch of the book called "Unqualified by Anna Faris", I did a little social campaign for her where we shot a few beautiful and fun portraits, 3 fun gifs that both she and Apple channels could use as well as 5 short interview videos to capture her humor and the mood of her work.

My Role
I came up with the concepts for the shoot, gifs and videos as well as art directed and set the look & feel. I also executed parts and followed up and directed a team of directors, photographers and set-designers.

Creative Director: Dave Ladd
Photo Director: Candice Lawler


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