Art Direction and design

I made the new giftcards for Apple Music in 2016. It was a long process for such a big brand and after going through 150 designs, we landed on the classic gradient found in the Apple Music icon on iOS and OS. Whenever a product like this launches world wide, there is going to be supporting material. This giftcard lives in Apple Stores and other retail channels all over the world. The video was live in 10 countries, including UK, Canada, USA, Japan, Mexico and France. The gift card is available world wide.

My Role
I designed and sold in the design of the giftcard. I saw it trough all the way to proofing the test prints. I also art directed an animated piece to promote the launch that went online as well as in all Targets in the TV departments. Working with a production partner like Logan really made this project a favorite.

Creative Director: Scott Witt
Production partner: Logan


The giftcards


Apple Store gift card design

Retail gift card design

Localized to 40 different languages


Promo video for all Target stores to use

Tsutaja, Japan

Best Buy, Mexico

Apple Store, Santa Monica

Best Buy, Los Angeles


Social post. Reached 2.2 million people