IBM - innovation 26x26

creative and art direction

Only 26% of certain tech positions are filled by women. We decided to make this into something positive, showcasing 26 awesome innovations by 26 awesome women at IBM to inspire young millennial women to consider a career in tech.

We also pushed out animations, illustrations and copy for these innovations, one each day for 26 days on IBMs social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 
The popular IBMblr was also a big piece of this roll-out-plan as we did a take-over week the week of International Women's Day 7-14 of March 2015. Each of these posts would drive to the website where you can get a deeper level of information, read more about the inventors and apply for jobs similar to the ones that the innovations had been created in. On day 27 we launched the anthem video where we showcase all 26 innovation in an inspirational video where we ask women to apply for jobs at IBM now.

My Role
I worked together with copywriter, Lauren Miller, on this project from start to finish. We came up with the strategy, creative concept, research, tone of voice, look & feel.

We hired the illustrator Michael Myers and the animator Austin Hermann to execute our ideas for each of the 26 innovations and had Eyepatch edit together the anthem video. Our in-house team developed the website. We also hired Justine Potin to do the amazing portraits of each of the 26 women. Blake Rutledge did the teaser animations and our creative directors were Mike Hahn and Ryan Blank. 

This was a true team effort with a small team where everyones role was a big one. 


Anthem video


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The social teaser

The portraits



The Innovations

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The social posts

The IBMblr takeover

The End