MYSIC - a chrome plug-in for music lovers

Concept and design

Most people have a few favorite radio shows. But a lot of people don't like listening to the A-listed music they play and would like an alternative. Why chose between good music that you like and your favorite radio-show?

We love things that are customized to our lives to fit us perfectly. We love our music, and love to discover new music, as long as it's not too mainstream and it fits our genres and preferences.

Let's combine Spotify with public radio. Mysic is a service that lets you listen to your favorite radio program or podcast without the boring A-listed music they play. The app and the Chrome plug-in combines your Spotify-playlist, or your iTunes-playlist with the radio show you are listening to, it cuts off the music from the radio and puts on a song from the Spotify-list. I you want to discover new music you can get recommended playlists form influencal people around you via Spotify. You can listen to your favorite music and still get all the useful or at least funny information that your radioshow provides you with and still be true to your style.


Logo and navigation-tool

Desktop UI

Mobile UI