Out of Step Magazine

Creative and art direction

This was a startup project. Our passion is passionating people´s passion. A magazine about more than just pretty faces. Art, sub culture, music, design, illustration and everything else that is interesting and a little bit on the side from what you find other places. Started by me and project manager and copywriter, Benedikte Kluge in 2009. Released in 5000 copies each issue. Was launched with a party and art exhibitions in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Germany and last issue also in New York City.

My Role
This was my baby and passion. I did everything from planning content and stories to briefing photographers and arranging shoots. In charge of all content as well as visuals. I also did all the design and art direction for Out Of Step Magazine. I created a custom display font, laid out all the pages, distributed it and curated art shows for the launch parties. It was a true joy.

I have learnt the joy and challenges of following and being responsible for a project from start to finish. Communicating to photographers, writers, editors, designers, etc and learned a lot about the publishing business. I have learnt to stick with your idea and just make it happen and to step up and sell ads if thats what it takes to finish with honors.




Behind the scenes of the shoot for Street Justice